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Animal Care Courses and Qualifications


Animal Care Courses

Our regulated qualifications and accredited courses are all designed as relevant training for working with a variety of companion animals.

The courses that we offer are set at Levels 1 – 4. Level 1 is Pre GCSE, Level 3 is the entry Level we suggest for most students (Level 3 is open entry and we don’t require students to have any prior qualifications to enrol), Level 4 is A Level standard. We offer many Animal Care courses dealing with different species and for people wanting to work in all sectors of animal care. For many people wanting to work with animals, it can be difficult deciding what type of animals to work with and what type of work with animals to pursue. We have developed several Animal Care and Welfare courses for working with companion animals in a variety of roles. These courses are of relevance to anyone who would like to work with all types of pets including dogs, cats, horses, small animals and reptiles in roles working in animal charities, private businesses, veterinary surgeries, self employed etc. These Animal Care Courses are designed for working with animals in a variety of roles. The courses vary from 2 unit certificates to 12 unit Diplomas and include practical and distance learning training courses. There are a great many different career options working with animals. For more information about which courses are relevant for various careers with animals, please visit our careers with animals section. If you are unsure which course is right for you, please get in touch with our careers and training advisers who are always happy to assist. Please visit our course funding section for more information about possible funding assistance towards your studies with us.

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