Level 3 Diploma in Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare

Ofqual Code 603/4610/3
Qualification Level 3
Award Type Diploma
Guided Learning Hours 370
Study Mode Online
Start Date Anytime
Enrolment will be valid for 2 years
Entry Criteria Open to anyone over age of 16
Assessment Method Variety of in-depth assessments for each unit
Awarding Organisation OCN West Midlands
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Ofqual Regulated Qualification: 603/3023/3

Meets the Animal Activities Licensing (AAL) Higher Standard requirements

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Unit # 1

Canine Law

This unit studies the implications of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and the Animal Welfare Act 2006 as well as new Animal Activity Licensing legislation that came into force in October 2018. Learn about the current legislation surrounding dogs and how laws can impact dog ownership and care.

Unit # 2

Canine Evolution

This unit studies the role of evolution, ethology, the origin of canis familiaris, natural canine social behaviour and breed traits.

Unit # 3

Canine Handling and Transportation

This unit studies force-free handling and transportation, including force free equipment and PPE for working with stray and kennelled dogs.

Unit # 4

Canine Learning Theories

Learn about the effects of the outdated dominance theory and recognise how to use learning theory to train dogs in a force-free manner.

Unit # 5

Canine Behaviour

This unit studies canine body language and common signs of stress and aggression, including how stress can escalate into aggression. Gain an understanding of body language signs and signals, unwanted behaviour that may arise and the signs of stress and aggression.

Unit # 6

Canine Care

This unit studies canine first aid, grooming techniques, stages of development in puppies including the whelping process. Learn how to care for the different life stages from puppies to senior dogs.

Unit # 7

Care of Canines in Kennels & Dog Day Care/Dog Boarding

Learn about disease transmission and prevention and appropriate welfare measures for kennels, dog day care and dog boarding environments. This unit includes information about safe entry and exit management, essential PPE and the importance of environmental stimulation for dogs.

minimum student age: 16 years

Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare Qualification

The Level 3 Diploma in Canine Care Behaviour and Welfare has been developed by animal care professionals in collaboration with employers within the canine care sector.

The knowledge gained from this course will broaden career options for working with dogs and is an ideal foundation for behaviour, training and welfare careers with dogs.

This course is of value for careers working with dogs in a variety of roles including at animal welfare charities, the pet care sector, boarding kennels, in a behaviourist role and at a veterinary practice.

Work experience whilst studying the Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare Course

We encourage students to carry out work experience either in employment or voluntarily at a suitable location, to gain valuable practical experience while studying this online theory based course.

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Who can undertake a Dog Care, Behaviour and Welfare Diploma Level 3?

Anyone wanting to pursue a career working with dogs, and is over 16 is eligible to undertake this regulated Canine Care qualification.

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