Level 3 Award in Pet Photography

Ofqual Code 603/7788/4
Qualification Level 3
Guided Learning Hours 30
Estimated Study Time 49
Enrolment will be valid for 2 years
Credits 5
Study mode Online
Start Date Anytime
Entry Criteria There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification but learners must be aged 16 and over.
Assessment Method Learner work is internally assessed and then subject to internal and external moderation
Award type Award
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Course fees £350

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Course Description

This OCNWM Level 3 Award in Pet Photography qualification has been designed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to work in the professional pet photography industry. Over the course of two comprehensive units, you will have the opportunity to learn all about working with a digital camera. Alongside learning how to operate a digital camera, you will explore image composition techniques which will help your photos to really stand out.

After familiarising yourself with the techniques of digital photography, you will have the opportunity to learn about the importance of lighting when working both inside and outdoors. The course content also covers photo editing and post production.

The Level 3 Award in Pet Photography will equip you with the knowledge and skills to move into employment or self-employment in pet portrait photography and related areas. You may also choose to progress on to further qualifications in related subjects such as the Level 3 Award in Wildlife Photography.

Unit # 1

Digital Photography

Learners will study the components of a digital camera as well as the basic controls and parameters, how they work and application of techniques. The course content covers image composition features and understanding camera usage in animal photography.

Unit # 2

Pet Photography

This unit looks at pet photography techniques and how to create professional lighting settings both inside a studio and in the outdoors. Learners will explore the basics of photo editing and postproduction as well as considering ethics when working with animals. At the end of the unit, learners will be able to produce a pet photography portfolio.

Pet photography has become increasingly popular recently as people look to capture the unique personalities of their beloved pets. Unlike other kinds of photography that need a studio, pet photography can be done anywhere, from your own home to the outdoors. Animal photography requires a lot of patience and practice, as well as respect for the animals you’re trying to capture on camera.

Some owners opt to have a professional photography shoot with their pet, while others are happy to take photographs themselves as a hobby or just for their social media feed. Either way, pet photography can be fun and challenging!

The Rule of Thirds:

The rule of thirds is one of the most basic composition techniques. Essentially it is a guideline in which the photographer places the main subject on either the right or left thirds of the image.

This composition is very attractive to the human brain, as our eyes tend to go to those intersections in any visual material we are looking at. Photographers find that using the rule of thirds technique produces more interesting images rather than using the more usual ‘centred’ technique.

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