Level 3 Award for Animal Licensing Inspectors

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Course level 3
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Recent review for this course

‘Having had moderate knowledge of Animal Welfare Licensing legislation before starting the course, I thought that this course would help me understand everything just that little bit more…and it really has!
I really enjoyed the depth of information and the legislation is provided in an ‘easy to digest’ format- a lot of information has stuck in my brain which is brilliant.
The assessments were challenging and thought provoking and have really helped me understand more about the course topic as a whole.
I feel confident to be able to assist/undertake animal licensing inspections now as another string to my ‘Licensing Enforcement Officer’ bow.’

Katie McKinney
Stafford Borough Council
Enforcement Officer (Licensing and Environmental Crime)

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Unit # 1

Inspecting Sites

This unit explores the inspection of premises where companion animals are kept, and includes information about the standards required for a variety of companion animals including dogs, cats, small animals, reptiles and horses. Explore how to provide advice regarding animal welfare and accommodation improvements and how to formulate and check written policies and procedures. This unit includes information about staff, supervision of staff and ensuring that their training requirements are understood and met.

Unit # 2

Animal Welfare Legislation

Learn about the legal requirements relevant to the sector and the correct welfare of animals in line with up to date legislation. Having a thorough understanding of legislation will hugely benefit the welfare of animals in various animal related businesses.

minimum student age: 16 years

If you want to be an Animal Licensing Inspector

This Ofqual regulated Animal Licensing Inspector Course is specifically for those responsible for the licensing of animal related premises and it meets the Defra licensing requirements.

This Course is an accepted Ofqual approved qualification for Local Authority Animal Welfare Inspectors who work for Councils inspecting and licensing Animal Activity businesses – this includes the licensing of any business involved in the sale and care of animals including Dog Boarding Kennels, Catteries, Day Care for Dogs, Home Boarding Dogs, Dog Breeding and Selling Animals as pets.

Animal Licensing Inspector Course

All Animal Licensing Inspectors must be suitably qualified; there are many Animal Care Courses available but this qualification is one of the few that is recognised and regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).

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Why study this Animal Licensing Inspector Course

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) have issued procedural guidance notes for local authorities required to license activities involving animals and the relevant establishments. The guidance for suitably qualified Inspectors states:

“All inspectors must be suitably qualified. This is defined as:

(a) Any person holding a Level 3 certificate or equivalent granted by a body, recognised and regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation which oversees the training and assessment of persons in inspecting and licensing animal activities businesses, confirming the passing of an independent examination. A person is only considered to be qualified to inspect a particular type of activity if their certificate applies to that activity. Or;

(b) Any person holding a formal veterinary qualification, as recognised by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (“RCVS”), together with a relevant RCVS . continuing professional development record;

(c) Until October 2021, any person that can show evidence of at least one year of experience in licensing and inspecting animal activities businesses.

This Animal Licensing Inspector course meets the Animal Activity Licensing requirements for Local Authority employed Animal Licensing Inspectors.

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