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Level 3 Diploma in Feline Care, Behaviour and Welfare

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Qualification Level 3
Guided Learning Hours 292
Start Date Anytime
Study mode Online
Award type Diploma - Learners can expect their certification within 6 months of completing the course, following the (EQA) External Quality Assurance of assessment. All course fees, inclusive of all payment plans including our Premium Credit Limited option, must be settled before certification can be ordered.
Entry Requirements This course is open to anyone aged 16 and above.
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Enrolment Valid For You have 24 months to complete your course.

Unit 1

Unit 1: Health and Welfare of Felines in Catteries

Gain the underpinning knowledge required for the care and welfare of felines in catteries. This unit includes information about health checking, methods of disease prevention & control and effective ways to provide environmental enrichment and mental stimulation. This unit studies the administration of preventative and prescriptive medications.

Unit 2

Unit 2: Safe Handling and Transportation of Felines

Gain the underpinning knowledge about feline handling and transportation. Learn about the principles of safe handling and transport, including the use of equipment and records. The importance of force-free handling and restraint of cats is explored as is techniques that reduce stress during handling and restraint.

Unit 3

Unit 3: Feline Care for Different Life Stages

This unit includes information about grooming, first aid treatments and the care and welfare of felines at different life stages. This unit also includes information about cat grooming techniques.

Unit 4

Unit 4: Feline Physiology and Anatomy

This unit will equip students with underpinning knowledge covering the anatomy and physiology of felines. This unit explores the many complex body processes and functions of the domestic cat, including the digestive, circulatory, respiratory, skeletal and sensory systems.

Unit 5

Unit 5: Feline Development and Evolution

This unit will equip students with underpinning knowledge on how felines have developed from an evolutionary perspective. Gain an understanding of natural feline social behaviours and feline breeds and traits, including the impact on behaviours.

Unit 6

Unit 6: Psychology and Behaviour of Felines

When working with cats, it’s useful to have an understanding of feline behaviour and psychology.

In this unit, students will develop the underpinning knowledge to understand feline behaviour and psychology. Learn about communication behaviour in felines and understand how learning theory is used in training. Students will understand the psychological and physiological factors that contribute to feline behaviour and the impact of the feline-human relationship on feline behaviour.

Unit 7

Unit 7: Benefits and Importance of Feline Nutrition

This unit will equip students with underpinning knowledge of the importance of nutrition in felines. Learn what the essential nutrients are and their functions to ensure the health and wellbeing of felines. The importance of nutrition at each life stage is also be explored, and the benefits of good nutrition and the impacts of poor nutrition will be analysed.

Unit 8

Unit 8: Feline Care and Legislation

The final unit studies the Animal Welfare Act and other related legislation specific to felines. This unit will equip students with underpinning knowledge of the use of legislation in feline care.

You have 24 months to complete your course.

Level 3 Diploma in Feline Care, Behaviour and Welfare

This qualification will assist anyone wanting to work with cats or any profession within the animal care sector where there is responsibility for caring for cats.

Who can study this Level 3 Diploma in Feline Care, Behaviour and Welfare qualification?

Anyone over 16 and capable of studying at Level 3 can undertake this online Cat Behaviour and Welfare Qualification.

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