Fun Dog Agility Coaching

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Unit # 1

Learn what fun agility is all about; but also what fun agility is not about. Learn how to prepare your dog for fun agility and understand why and how to keep their welfare at the forefront of your mind.

Unit # 2

Learn the in’s and out’s of agility training using techniques that promote the ideal qualities of an agility dog. Learn about the various equipment as well as how to reinforce your dogs participation for the better.

Fun Dog Agility

When you think of “agility” your thoughts probably aren’t far from thinking about the professional competitors who are running for rosettes with time and precision as the main aim.
When we think about fun agility training, we need to free ourselves of these expectations right away!
Fun agility can be important for a number of reasons:
– Boost your bond with your dog
– Boost your dogs connection with you, and your connection with them too!
– Build up your dogs confidence
– Be mentally enriching for your dog
– Count as physical exercise for your dog

Fun Agility for Dogs

These achievements are what fun agility is about. You, the dog, and a good time had by all. It isn’t about how fast you can complete a course or with how few errors. In fact, the type of agility that is best for your dog is all about considered body movements and confidence in proprioception, not just run and hope for the best.
There is no breed necessity for agility. Whilst typically agility is seen as the sport for the border collie, any breed can engage with agility if it is suitable for their health and lifestyle.
There are a few big no-no’s to really take on board when it comes to agility training. Conversely there are a few must do’s to keep in mind as well.
This course will go through these pointers in detail. So whether you’ve bought some hobby agility equipment for your garden, or renting out equipment off a trainer, or maybe you’re contemplating being an agility trainer! This course will help to prepare you for solid foundations in fun agility training.

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