Principles of Equine First Aid

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Unit # 1

Horse Health and First Aid

The first unit studies horse behaviour, psychology and anatomy. This unit also contains information about the requirements and principles of first aid and how to put an equine first aid kit together.

Unit # 2

Horse Care

This unit explores the stable management requirements for sick and injured horse and how to handle a sick or injured horse. Learn how to recognise and treat common equine ailments and how to care for a horse to prevent sickness or injury.

Equine First Aid Course

This equine first aid course has been designed for horse owners and anyone working with horses.

Learn the basic principles of first aid for equines and how to manage first aid treatment of a range of common injuries and how to manage first aid treatment of a range of adverse health conditions.

Equine First Aid

No matter how well cared for or how safe the environment that a horse is kept in, accidents and injuries do happen. Horses seem prone to finding things with which to injure themselves. For example, even the simple task of a horse eating can lead to a horse choking so the owner or keeper of a horse always needs to be well prepared to deal with injuries or ailments and have the knowledge to enable them to deal with such situations.

This course addresses two different types of first aid you are likely to administer for the horse:

The first is the sort of situation where your aim is to prevent the situation from worsening and aid recovery if possible whilst waiting for the vet to arrive.

The second situation is where you will administer first aid in order to support and promote the horse’s own natural healing abilities.

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