Principles of Animal Rescue Diploma

Course level 3
CPD 15
Estimated Study Time 15 hours
Study mode Online
Award type Diploma
Assessment Method Short answer questions to confirm your knowledge
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Unit # 1

Introduction to animals in various disaster situations

Unit 1 of the animal emergency course explores the differences between human-made and natural disaster responses. Learn about global animal welfare issues, legislation, and the roles of voluntary organisations. The unit includes information about the subject of animal hoarding.

Unit # 2

Resources needed for emergency response (supplies, equipment, personnel)

Learn about what is required in order to be able to respond to an emergency effectively. Learn how to plan and implement a rescue strategy, how to assess animal needs and establish priorities, the importance of identification and record-keeping, and how to evacuate animals safely.

Unit # 3

Animal behavior in a rescue situation

Learn about companion animal body language and how to handle aggression. Learn about First Aid and how to care for injured animals.

Unit # 4

Establishing emergency animal shelter

This unit explores the different shelter options including, how to set up an emergency animal shelter and how to manage health & hygiene. Learn how to distribute animal supplies effectively. Learn how to re-unite displaced companion animals with their owners and about the relocation of wild animals. The module also includes the practical and humane handling and transportation of healthy, injured, and sick animals.

Unit # 5

Animal Care

Learn about nutrition, common health disorders, parasite control, and zoonotic diseases. Learn how to implement health checks and vaccination programs.

Unit # 6

Working efficiently with other agencies to respond to changing needs

Learn about essential procedures, protocols, and policies at a temporary emergency animal shelter. Learn about the health & safety requirements for emergency responders as well as security, stress management, and team response management procedures.

Animal Rescue Course

The animal emergency course is designed to enable individuals and organisations to be able to offer a professional response to the needs of animals in crises during human-made and natural disasters.

It is also suitable for disaster management teams, emergency medical services personnel, firefighters, animal welfare officers, veterinary staff, animal shelter staff and volunteers wanting to assist with the welfare of animals following a disaster.

Animal Emergency & Disaster Response

The subject matter is split into six modules and applies to companion animals and wildlife. The companion animal section includes effective emergency responses to natural disasters as well as to human-made crises such as animal hoarding, puppy farm rescue, etc.

The wildlife section includes assisting exotic animals in captivity as well as livestock in natural disasters and human-made crises such as animal hoarding, oil spills etc.

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