Feline Behaviour and Psychology Diploma

QEL Code 820
CPD 40
Estimated Study Time 40 hours
Start Date Anytime
Study mode Online
Award type Diploma
Assessment Method Short answer questions to confirm your knowledge
Award type Certificate
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Unit # 1

Feline Behaviour

This unit explores the psychological factors that contribute to the behaviour of the domestic cat and the significant influences on feline behaviour.

Unit # 2

Feline Behaviour Problems

Learn how behavioural ‘problems’ can be the result of natural behaviours or behavioural abnormalities caused by psychological damage. Study common behavioural problems, and explain their underlying causes.

Unit # 3

Health and Behaviour

Learn about key techniques in behavioural counselling and diagnostics and the underlying health and physiological causes of feline behavioural problems. This unit explores effective and appropriate behavioural modification techniques.

Unit # 4

Internal and External Influences on Feline Behaviour

This unit studies the internal influences on behaviour caused by feline physiology and the external influences on behaviour stemming from the care and environment of the feline.

Feline Behaviour Course

Cat behaviour is an interesting subject – particularly to those who live with cats and those who work or volunteer with cats.

A good understanding of the subject of feline behaviour is essential for all careers working with cats. For some people, working as a cat behaviourist becomes a natural progression from working in a cattery.

This Feline Behaviour and Psychology course explores indepth the factors that affect the behaviour of cats.

Feline Behaviour

Learn about the purpose of physical & behavioural characteristics of cats and the variety of behavioural signs including vocalisation, whole body posture and scent marking. Study the visual, auditory & olfactory cues to mood & emotion and the reasons for various behaviours including territory, stress, presence of other cats. This course also explores the cat-human social relationship & its effects on the domestic cat.

Learn about kitten, juvenile and adult cat behaviour with humans, stress factors of living in the human environment, breed differences and rescue cats and their behaviour.

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