Canine Nutrition

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Assessment Method Short answer questions to confirm your knowledge
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Unit # 1

The Canine Digestive System

Learn how the canine digestive system is structured to meet its function. This unit studies the whole digestive system and the processes involved.

Unit # 2


Learn about the function of each nutrient group and the structure and function of various nutrients including why specific vitamins should be included in the diet and their function.

Unit # 3

Raw feeding

Raw feeding is increasing in popularity with dog guardians and carers. Learn about the potential benefits and concerns about raw food. This unit explores what a raw diet should contain and why.

Unit # 4

Home cooked diets

More and more dog guardians and carers are seeking healthy alternatives to commercial dog food. Learn about what should be included in home prepared canine diets, how much and how often and the potential benefits and concerns about home cooking.

Unit # 5

Commercial dog food

Learn how diet can influence a dog’s overall health as well as specific instances where a modified diet might be required. This unit considers the potential pros and cons surrounding commercial dog foods.

Unit # 6

The effect of diet on health and behaviour

Learn how to improve current diets and how diet can affect health and behaviour. This unit investigates how diet can impact various health conditions and explains how to work out how many calories are needed for the individual dog.

Canine Nutrition Course

The dog nutrition course is a primer for understanding nutrients, how the nutrients are used in the dog and, the biological nature of the dog.

The course also explores the functions of each nutrient group, the benefits and concerns of raw food, home cooked foods and commercial diets.

Gain an understanding of canine body systems and the effects of diet on canine health and behaviour.

Learning about Canine Nutrition with this course

Learn how to improve the welfare of dogs with the correct diet and nutrition. The canine nutrition course is suitable for, and of value to dog owners and anyone working with dogs in a professional capacity. Gain an understanding about how the dog’s digestive system works, how vitamins and nutrients are provided in food, how the nutrients are used and, the biological nature of the dog. There is a growing awareness about how and what we feed dogs; with many options available, it can be a difficult decision. Without sufficient knowledge, dogs may receive an unbalanced diet.

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Canine Nutrition and benefits of raw and home cooked food.

The canine nutrition course also explores the benefits and concerns of raw food and home cooked foods. The course does not provide actual recipes – every dog is an individual and must be treated as such, but the course will provide you with information to make an informed choice and how to prepare the food, what is needed in the diet and what foods can provide this.

This nutrition course for canines also explores commercial dog food diets, kibble, wet food and semi-moist, how they are manufactured and what to look for in ingredients when selecting a dog food. Through this course, you will learn how to improve the welfare of dogs in terms of how and what they are fed. Diet can and does affect behaviour.

The nutrition course for dogs is suitable for and of value to dog owners and anyone working with dogs in a professional capacity.

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