Zoology Diploma Level 3

Zoology Diploma Level 3

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Unit 1

Origins of Life and Evolutionary Theory

This module begins with a description of how and when life began and what life was like in the beginning. What were the chemical and physical requirements for life to begin? The theory behind evolution will be looked at with an introduction to the genetics involved.

Unit 2

Animal Diversity

An introduction to the huge array of animal life will be covered. The module examines all the major phyla of animal life from the “simple” Protozoan and Radiate animals through to the invertebrates and vertebrates. An examination into the history of how zoologists classified animals in the past and how different animals are related to one another will complete this module.

Unit 3

Animal Architecture

The vast array of animal body plans are discussed in this module; from jellyfish, to segmented worms, reptiles, insects etc. We examine the differences between body plans and examine how each form functions.

Unit 4


This module explores origin and evolution, structural and functional adaptations. The classification of living mammalian orders and specific examples of individual species is also included in this module.

Unit 5

Finding Food

Food is essential to all life and so this module delves into the world of omnivores, herbivores, detritivores and carnivores. Case studies highlight how different animals have evolved how to locate, store, consume and digest food.

Unit 6

Animals and the Environment:

This module focuses on the different environments animals live in and the geographical distribution of animals across the globe. Finally, we explore the importance the environment plays in evolution and how animals adapt to changes in the environment; natural and man-made.

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Recent 5 star Review 

 Victoria Coady completed the Zoology Diploma Level 3 "I had the pleasure of studying and completing the Zoology Diploma course with Animal Courses Direct recently. Last year, I had to unfortunately give up my job due to ill health which really affected me. I felt mentally I was struggling; I still wanted to do things that my body could not, that is when I came across Animal Courses Direct. The Zoology Diploma course has inspired me so much, and has ignited a passion for this subject and also conservation which I hope to progress into. The course was so informative, resourceful and extremely interesting, with very helpful and friendly tutors who are very efficient and professional. This course has not only helped me gain invaluable knowledge but has helped me with my mental health and given me something to strive to achieve again so thank you very much Animal Courses Direct.’

Zoology Course

There are an estimated 8.7 million species of animals living on our planet today. 


This zoology course explores what life is and how it has been able to diversify into such numbers. We will look at the chemical and physical properties of life and how this life has changed from single-celled organisms into the many different types of animal life we see around us today.
This zoology course is relevant to those working or wanting to work in the many related careers, as well as those wanting to improve their knowledge of zoology.




A zoologist’s job is to understand these animals on a species level; how they came to be, live, feed, and breed. It is also to grasp how these individual species interact and affect each other as well as their environments.

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