Senior/ geriatric dogs in Your Care  –Webinar

2 Day Dog Trainer Course

Saturday 14th November

12pm midday BST

Key Information

Key Information




Wednesday 28th October

12pm midday BST

Webinar Fees


 Senior/ geriatric dogs in Your Care Webinar 



1.5 hours intensive training

This webinar looks at some of the issues and health problems that senior dogs may experience in their lifetime. We consider how we can help and support them both in our homes and in a therapy or grooming setting.


This course donates £10 to charity.

Times are tough at the moment for animal charities; many are experiencing a sharp decline in donations and animal adoptions and are under increasing pressure to survive these difficult times. We are doing all we can to support them with raising awareness and raising funds and are pleased to announce that we will be donating 50% of the fees from all our Dog Training Course Webinars. Simply enrol on to any of these three webinars, complete your purchase and £10 will be contributed on your behalf.