Pet Shop Studies Diploma Level 3

Pet Shop Studies Diploma Level 3

Key Information

Key Information


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60 hours



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Short answer questions to confirm your knowledge

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Unit 1

Animals as Pets


This unit contains information about the many types of animals kept as companion animals in the UK and the classification systems; learn about the differences between classes of animals. The unit also explores the differences between Animal Welfare, Animal Rights and Animal Ethics.

Unit 2

Companion Animal Nutrition


This unit contains information about the different nutrient groups & their components. Learn about the function of each nutrient type. 

Unit 3

Animal Disease, Health and Hygiene


Learn about companion animal wellbeing, health and hygiene. Learn about common diseases and parasites and their treatments. The unit also explores how to  prevent the spread and transmission of disease and infection. Learn  how to recognise and understand the signs of ill health and disease across several companion animal species and how to carry out vital health checks on companion animals.

Unit 4

Environmental  Enrichment


Learn how to provide adequate exercise & environmental enrichment for companion animals. Explore the range of accommodation available for small mammals & birds and learn how to ensure the most appropriate accommodation styles animals in your care.

Unit 5

Reptile Keeping


This unit explores the nutritional requirements & health disorders specific to reptiles. Students will also learn about environmental enrichment for reptiles through the provision of adequate accommodation. 

Unit 6

Advising Customers


This unit explores the importance of the individual needs of each animal in your care and the communication of that information to members of the public.

Pet Shop Management Course 

This Pet Shop Management course consists of 6 units set at Level 3. The course is  relevant for  managers, owners and staff of pet stores. Pet shop managers may have the responsibility of caring for a range of small animals. They are legally required to provide a safe, clean and stimulating environment to ensure that animals are adequately cared for.

Having detailed knowledge about animal care requirements and products is vital for working in a pet shop.  The pet shop course explores care of companion animals, nutrition and grooming, health and hygiene, environmental enrichment, legislation and advising customers.  

Working in a pet shop is a great opportunity to educate people about what animals need to experience a good quality of life and what to consider before obtaining a pet.​​​​​​​

Pet Shop Management 


This pet shop course comprises of 6 modules covering a comprehensive range of topics including:


* Biological details and identification of pet animal species


* Classes of animals, their wellbeing and health checks, health and hygiene routines, nutritional requirements and preventative treatments


* Common diseases and parasites and their treatments


* Legislation that relates to pet store management


The pet shop course is of relevance to pet shop owners, managers and staff and meets local authority licensing requirements.