Feline Training Courses

The following courses are Ofqual regulated qualifications 

Feline Care and Behaviour Award Level 2               


The Ofqual regulated Level 2 Award in Feline Care and Behaviour  consists of 2 units. The qualification studies feline health, behaviour & welfare and feline first aid.  This Ofqual regulated qualification meets the Animal Activities Licensing (AAL) Basic Standard requirements. 

Feline Care, Behaviour and Welfare Award Level 3


The Ofqual regulated Level 3 Award in Feline Care, Behaviour consists of 2 units. The cat course studies cats in catteries and feline behaviour & psychology. This Ofqual regulated qualification meets the Animal Activities Licensing (AAL) Higher Standard requirements.

Feline Care, Behaviour and Welfare Diploma Level 3


The Ofqual regulated Level 3 Diploma in Feline Care, Behaviour and Welfare is a comprehensive qualification consisting of 8 units. The qualification studies the care of cats in catteries, nutrition, handling & transportation, anatomy & physiology, felines & the law as well as feline behaviour &  psychology. This Ofqual regulated qualification meets the Animal Activities Licensing (AAL) Higher Standard requirements.

Kennel and Cattery Management Diploma Level 3


The Ofqual regulated Level 3 Diploma in Kennel and Cattery Management studies the care & welfare of dogs and cats, feline & canine behaviour, animal welfare legislation and the management of kennels and catteries. This Ofqual regulated qualification meets the Animal Activities Licensing (AAL) Higher Standard requirements.

The following courses are Quality Endorsed Courses

Companion Animal Behaviour Certificate Level 3


The Level 3 Certificate in Companion Animal Behaviour studies the behaviour and psychology of dogs, cats and rabbits. The course explores how companion animals think, learn and behave. The course is suitable for many careers working with companion animals and it is also relevant for pet owners who would like to gain a perspective on how their pet thinks and learns.

Principles of Cat Grooming and Welfare Level 3


The Level 3 Diploma in Cat Grooming and Health studies grooming techniques, the correct handling of cats &  kittens and how to identify common feline health problems. The course is suitable for a variety of careers working with cats as well as for cat owners wanting to learn more about cat grooming, welfare and health.

Feline Behaviour Studies Certificate Level 3

The Level 3 Certificate in Cat Behaviour studies the external and internal influences that affect feline behaviour. Behavioural problems are sited as the main reason for the increase in cats being abandoned and surrendered to re-homing organisations. Learn about  the common factors that cause cat behaviour problems and how to prevent and deal with them. The course is suitable for boarding cattery & animal charity staff, veterinary professionals and it is of relevance to cat owners who want to learn more about feline behaviour.

Feline Behaviour & Psychology Diploma Level 3


The Level 3 Diploma in Feline Behaviour and Psychology is a comprehensive category course that is suitable for cattery managers, veterinary professionals and feline behaviourists. This fascinating course explores the factors that affect the behaviour of cats indepth.

Principles of Feline First Aid


The Level 3 Certificate in Feline First Aid is relevant for cat owners and those working with cats. Learn how to proivde first aid for injured cats and how to assemble an animal first aid kit. This cat course studies common feline illnesses, how to prevent injury and sickness and how to handle an injured or sick cat. 

Cat Courses 

These feline courses are suitable for students seeking a career working with cats, as well as animal care professionals working with cats who would like to learn more about the behaviour and welfare of cats in their care. Gain a thorough grounding in feline care behaviour and welfare through these courses. All our distance learning courses are offered to students worldwide. Most careers working with cats are hands-on, involving working in boarding or rescue catteries (as a cattery assistant or cattery manager). There are also jobs working as a cat groomer, cat sitter and cat behaviourist. 

Most animal shelters have cattery accommodation and therefore hire cattery staff to assist with the cats in their care. Cats are often given up by owners for various reasons including: Owner moving, allergies, cost of caring for the cat, high veterinary bills, cat has kittens and owner can't find homes for them, cat develops behavioural problems, cat killing birds/other small animals, etc. Whilst there are many neutering schemes in place, there are still people who don't get their cat neutered or insist on breeding from them and therefore there are sadly too many cats and not enough good homes, hence most animal shelters have catteries full to capacity and rely on well trained staff and volunteers.

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Our feline qualifications comply with Animal Activity Licensing Regulations.


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