An Introduction to Hedgehogs

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CPD 10
Estimated Study Time 10 hours
Start Date Anytime
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Award type Certificate
Assessment Method Short answer questions to confirm your knowledge
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Unit # 1

Part 1 The Social History of The Hedgehog

This section delves into the deep rooted and ancient link between mankind and hedgehogs throughout the world, from Ancient Roman to Ancient Egypt, European myths and storybooks featuring hedgehogs and current attitudes to these distinctive prickly mammals.

Part 2 Taxonomy and Classification of The Hedgehog

Students explore what the meaning and importance of taxonomy and classification and learn where hedgehogs fit in the tree of life, their different subspecies and their closest relatives. What makes a hedgehog a hedgehog and which other animals are family members?.

Part 3 Current Status of Hedgehogs.

Here students examine the current population status of hedgehogs in the UK and other countries, with specific population case studies, using the IUCN measures. Recent decades have seen a dramatic decline of hedgehog numbers in the UK and the course probes into possible reasons for and solutions to this issue.

The module ends with a set of questions based on the learning materials and some guided research.

Unit # 2

Part 1 Hedgehog Anatomy and Physiology

Takes the student on a nose to tail internal and external journey to understand the unique physiology of hedgehogs, with diagrams to illustrate some incredible physical adaptations. While anatomy is useful, combining that knowledge with physiology – or how the animals use their anatomy – is far more valuable.

Part 2 Hedgehog Health and First Aid

Common disorders such as parasites as well as diseases specific to hedgehogs are examined in some detail. This section also highlights many human made dangers and their devastating impact; it’s not just about cars running hedgehogs over! As well as practical measures to take, students discover ways of educating people and organisations to prevent harm before it occurs; being proactive rather than reactive.

Part 3 Hedgehog Husbandry and Rescue

Explores preferred husbandry methods for those hedgehogs in captivity, whether due to injury or as companion animals, in those countries where it is legal to keep a pet hedgehog, the ethics of which students are asked to consider. It offers invaluable knowledge for those interested or involved with hedgehog rescue, and offers links to many reputable and contemporary organisations.

Hedgehog Course

This course is designed for a variety of students wishing to increase their knowledge of all things hedgehog.

It provides a wealth of knowledge containing facts and figures alongside practical measures which will be beneficial to people working in the veterinary profession and is an ideal course for CPD.

Hedgehog Care and welfare

From veterinary nurses, technicians or receptionists (who are often the first point of contact for an injured hog) , anyone looking to rescue hedgehogs to those with an interest of the variety of hedgehogs across the world and their current status, this course will provide a wealth of information and CPD status.

The course is divided into two modules, each requiring about five hours of study, with extended reading lists for students to pursue personal areas of interest. Each module concludes with a twenty question test which can be gleaned from the text and directed research.

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