Dog Walking Certificate

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Unit # 1

How to run a successful Dog Walking Business

The first module of this dog walking course examines equipment relevant to the business of dog walking.

Gain an understanding of the responsibilities and opportunities related to the running of this type business. Learn about dog behaviour & how to manage different behaviours.

Unit # 2

Canine Health

The second unit studies genetics, hereditary and medical disorders that can affect the duration and type of walk. This unit explores canine body systems and the skeletal system – essential to understand the breed of dog being walking. This comprehensive unit also explores some common canine health problems and basic first aid.

Dog Walking Certificate

The Dog Walking course has been designed to respond to the fast growing industry of dog walking. If you enjoy interacting with dogs, this is a fantastically rewarding career and dog walking services are in high demand.

Pet owners are more aware that it is unacceptable to leave their dogs for more than 4 hours a day. Lack of stimulation can be a traumatic experience leading to behavioural problems and an unhappy and bored dog with a poor quality of life. Employing a dog walker can alleviate stress and prevent behavioural problems.

Gaining this training provides reassurance for clients and valuable knowledge for developing a successful dog walking business.

Dog Walking Course

Setting up a dog walking company is exciting, and there are many things to consider. This course has been designed to help you work through all the practical elements involved. Learn about the equipment needed, preparing forms, and the day-to-day running of your business. Start your business small with a couple of dogs and expand as you feel more confident walking more dogs. This is a great job – work hands-on with dogs, running your own business and at the same time keep fit and explore the countryside!

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Dog Walking
For owners, ensuring that dogs get the right amount of exercise is important. This is especially true if the owners are elderly or unable to provide their dogs with adequate exercise. Dogs that are left home alone for extended periods can begin to exhibit worrying and destructive behaviours.

The old wives tale of “a good dog is a tired dog” is very true. Under stimulation can lead to undesirable behaviours such as excessive barking, chewing of furniture and digging in the garden. This can lead to serious behavioural problems such as aggression, inappropriate chase behaviours, and stereotypical behaviours such as self-mutilation.

This course explores how to set up your dog walking business, the equipment required, basic health checks, first aid, dog body language and more.

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