Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming

Course level 3
CPD 60
Estimated Study Time 60 hours
Start Date Anytime
Study mode Online
Award type Diploma
Assessment Method Short answer questions to confirm your knowledge
Award type Certificate

Course fees £699£850


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The Dog Grooming course consists of 6 theory modules and includes a practical session where you will work with a professional groomer at a City and Guilds approved salon and gain valuable hands-on experience.

If the course is studied without the practical placement, the course fees are reduced to £699.

Please click here to enrol without the practical placement

Irene Medland (completed the Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming)

“I enjoyed all aspects of the Dog Grooming Diploma course, my favourite being First aid and Anatomy and Health. I have set up a grooming shed in my garden and am planning to work from here. I am so looking forward to building an established business. The 2 week training in the grooming parlour will be so beneficial and I am very looking forward to learning from the professional groomers. Success story – I am 55 years old and never thought I would learn a new skill at my age, however I have proved that it’s never too late to learn something new. With my love for animals I couldn’t think of a better career to be in. I have been doing the same job role ( Sheltered Housing – supported living for the elderly) for 24 years and felt that although my job is fulfilling – I needed a change. I was widowed 5 years ago and left to bring up my 4 children alone. This change in career is going to be uplifting for me and allow me to move on in a different chapter of life. Thank you to all at Animal Courses Direct, especially to my tutor, Judy who has gone the extra mile and supported me all the way when I found studying to be a bit alien and daunting at first.”

Unit # 1

Anatomy and Health

This unit studies basic canine anatomy, general canine health & welfare, how to carry out health checks & identify health disorders & diseases. The module includes information about parasites and how to deal with them when grooming a dog.

Unit # 2

Canine First Aid

Learn how to deal with emergencies and the basic first aid principles for dogs. There is the potential for accidents when grooming a dog, and it is therefore essential for a dog groomer to have good first aid knowledge.

Unit # 3

Aggression, Stress reduction and bite avoidance

Understand the origins & causes of aggression and how aggressive behaviour differs between dog breeds. Crucially, understand safety measures & precautions concerning an aggressive dog. This module of the dog grooming course also includes information about basic canine psychology and body language – learn to recognise and respond to the signs of stress.

Unit # 4

Grooming techniques for different types of coats

Learn about the different canine coats, canine grooming equipment that a dog groomer will be using. Learn about the techniques, tools and products necessary for dog grooming.

Unit # 5

Bathing, brushing and caring for teeth, nails, face, rear, ears

This comprehensive module includes information about how to handle and groom puppies and senior dogs.

Unit # 6

Running a successful fixed or mobile dog grooming business

Learn how to become a self-employed dog groomer. By the end of this dog grooming course, you will have an overview of how to set up a mobile or fixed dog grooming business, maintaining records for income purposes, registering for tax and general aspects of being your own ‘boss’ in the formal sense.

Unit # 7

Optional One Day to Two Week Practical

Practical training at a busy dog grooming salon. Learn the practical aspects of effective and humane handling, gain hands-on grooming practice with a variety of different dog coats and procedures, practice dog bathing, learn about health and safety principles, the practical handling and cleaning of equipment and grooming materials, etc. The training sessions are run Mondays to Fridays and is carried out in a professional dog grooming salon.

Dog Groomer Course

Our Dog Grooming course is designed for careers working as a Dog Groomer or setting up your own Dog Grooming Business.

This course is excellent value for money. The course fees include all tutoring fees, assessments, materials, accreditation AND 2 week practical training. The practical training placement is included in the course fees!

The practical session for this course is run by a City and Guilds Dog Groomer where they are passionate about ensuring that dogs’ care and welfare is the most important aspect of a dog groomers job.

Location of Optional Practical: Romford (East London)

Dog Grooming Course More Information

The demand for professional dog groomers is increasing, and there are many varied career opportunities for trained dog groomers. Working as a dog groomer can be very rewarding, and grooming can prevent and alleviate suffering as groomers are trained to identify signs of ill health. A regularly groomed dog will be happier, feel more comfortable and have a healthier looking and shinier coat. Our dog grooming course consists of 6 theory modules all about grooming dogs. It includes an optional 2 week practical session where you will work with a professional groomer and gain hands-on experience.

This dog groomer course is unique in that it includes an optional 2 week practical at a City and Guilds approved salon. This is included in the price of the course as we think it is essential to offer the option of undertaking some practical dog grooming experience.

Animal Courses Direct accepts no liability or responsibility for practical placements advertised on our website; placements are carried out entirely at the user’s own risk and students are required to sign our waiver form and obtain their own travel insurance. Where a deposit is requested, this is non refundable. Students are required to pay course fees in full prior to attending the practical placement. Practical placement dates may change and are subject to availability, please see our T&Cs.

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A career as a Dog Groomer

Are you passionate about animals and dream of a job working with man’s best friend? Then why not take our dog grooming course and earn some extra income doing something you’ll love? Dog grooming courses are a great way to transition into a job working with animals. Like Sue Jones, who left her career in IT to pursue a lifelong dream of working with animals. She studied the Level 3 Dog Grooming Diploma and is now doing a job she loves.

Why should I train as a dog groomer?

A well groomed dog is a happy and healthy dog, so if you love working with canines, training as a dog groomer is a great way to learn more about our four legged friends while earning some valuable extra income. We all love to pamper our pets, so the dog grooming sector is booming and there are plenty of opportunities to turn a part time job into a full time career.

What skills will I learn?

A good groomer needs to have a complete understanding of the animals they work with as often a groomer may be the first to spot if a dog has health issues. You’ll study anatomy and health, including dealing with parasites when you’re grooming, and animal first aid to ensure you’re prepared for all eventualities. You’ll also pick up useful information about basic canine psychology as well as the practical skills you’ll need to make the dogs in your care look their best.

Finally, you’ll be given the business skills you need to run your own dog grooming business, including setting up as a mobile dog groomer which could prove a useful additional source of income. Diane Constantinides took the optional two week practical course and now runs her own very successful salon.

Whether you simply want to earn an extra income or you’re considering making dog grooming your full time career, we run a range of courses to help you achieve your ambition.

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