Animal Rehoming Diploma

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CPD 60
Estimated Study Time 60 hours
Start Date Anytime
Study mode Online
Award type Diploma
Assessment Method Short answer questions to confirm your knowledge
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Unit # 1

Too many animals, not enough homes

Unit 1 of the animal rehoming course examines the reasons as to why companion animals are given up or abandoned.

Unit # 2

The legal requirements associated with rehoming animals

Learn more about current laws and the requirements surrounding animal adoption, including legal ownership, adoption contracts and how the law affects the re-homing process.

Unit # 3

Environmental Enrichment

Understand how to recognise and respond to the signs of stress.

Gain a basic understanding about companion animal psychology and body language and learn how to keep confined companion animals mentally and physically stimulated.

Unit # 4

Animal health & behavioural assessment and good record keeping. Making good matches.

Learn how to assist adopters to find the right animal; gain an understanding of the interview and home checking process.

Unit # 5

Advice to prospective owners

Learn essential and valuable information to help you to give advice to others including: Choosing a pet, micro-chipping, neutering, parasite control, vaccinations, grooming, nutrition, exercise and enrichment, lost and found animals and basic information about medication.

Unit # 6

Settling animals in their new homes. Follow up after adoption.

Learn how to provide support and prevent returns. Understand the importance of training, socialisation, behavioural advice and other resources for the new owners.

Companion Animal Rehoming Course

The Animal Rehoming course explores how to successfully match animals with new owners.

Every animal and every potential owner is a unique individual; the crucial process of rehoming involves an engagement with moral discourse and making value judgements in every stage of the process.

Companion Animal Rehoming

There are hundreds of animal charities, involving a vast network of committed individuals and organisations working in a non-commercial environment to rescue, care for and re-home companion animals.

The RSPCA reported a 57 % rise in relinquished animals, with numbers rising from 7,347 to 11,586 in one year.

The Cats Protection revealed a 77% increase in unwanted cats and 6 other leading re-homing charities in the UK reveal a uniformly upward trend involving admissions of cats and dogs over the past three years.

Every animal passing through a re-homing centre should be assessed to determine which kind of home the animal is best suited to. Re-homing animals is a critical aspect of any animal home’s work; finding the right new owner for an animal is a huge responsibility.

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