Chicken Keeping

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Unit # 1

Introduction to Chickens

    1. Regulations- what guidelines do you need to follow to ensure that you are keeping chickens within local authority rules?
    2. Chicken breeds- a description of a range of chicken breeds with a focus on their productive qualities and their temperaments, to allow you to decide which breed of chicken would suit your circumstances best. Rescue chickens are also described to encourage new owners to consider this a worthwhile endeavour.
    3. Chicken husbandry- how to look after your chickens to keep them happy and healthy.
    4. Eggs- how eggs are produced and what to expect from your laying hens.

Unit # 2

Chicken health, welfare and behaviour

  1. Common health problems- all animals have potential problems and chickens are no exception. This section covers the most commonly encountered health problems and how you can avoid these or get them treated if they occur.
  2. The welfare needs of chickens. Chickens are intelligent and inquisitive creatures and they really enjoy exploring their environment. This section describes the importance of providing chickens with all their needs to ensure that they live their best life possible.
  3. Chicken behaviour. What behaviour can you expect from your chickens? Lots of scratching the ground, pecking, searching for food and generally being curious and interested in absolutely everything!

Keeping Chickens

This course is an introduction to the keeping of chickens on a small scale in your garden.

The keeping of chickens in small numbers in a garden has increased in popularity in recent years. In this course, we aim to give you the information you need to start keeping chickens and how to provide them with all they need.

Keeping Chickens at Home

Whether you like the idea of lovely fresh eggs every day or have been moved by the plight of commercial hens kept in cages and would like to offer them a new home, or whether you would like your children to have a few pets so that they can learn about caring for others, chickens can be a great addition to a home. Chickens are intelligent and friendly, but they have welfare needs that need to be met, to keep them healthy, interested and happy. This course introduces the husbandry requirements of “backyard” chickens; what they should have to eat, what sort of housing will keep them safe and what to look out for in a healthy bird. Chickens have been domesticated over many hundreds of generations to live alongside humans and this course provides essential information to ensure that the chickens are able to live their best life possible.

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