Principles of Cat Grooming and Welfare

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Award type Diploma
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Unit # 1

Feline grooming techniques

This unit studies the process of bathing and grooming cats including kittens and senior cats. The correct equipment and grooming techniques are explored in this unit.

Unit # 2

Feline welfare, health and first aid

Learn about cat health and welfare including; routine health checks & common health disorders, common diseases & parasites, basic first aid and principles. This unit also studies feline first aid principles and learn how to manage first aid treatment of a range of common injuries to the cat including bits, cuts, shock, road traffic accidents and how to monitor respiratory and heart rate and blood flow.

Unit # 3

Cat Care

This unit explores the care and welfare of felines at different life stages. Learn about effective ways to provide environmental enrichment and mental stimulation for cats in cattery environments.

Unit # 4

Humane Handling, Restraint and Transportation

Learn about the equipment available for safe for handling and restraint of the cat and how to safely and humanely restrain a cat with an emphasis on stress relief and safety. The importance of force free handling and restraint of cats is included in this unit, as well as the use of correct PPE, and minimisation of stress during handling and restraint. Students will learn how to reduce feline stress during transport.

Cat Grooming & Health Diploma Level 3

The Cat Grooming Course is suitable for careers with cats in boarding catteries, rescue homes, veterinary practices, etc as well as for anyone interested in learning how to groom their cats properly.

Grooming is an essential part of a cat’s health and wellbeing. A regularly groomed cat will be happier, feel more comfortable and have a healthier looking and shinier coat as well as prevent and alleviate suffering.

This is a 4 module theory course, and practical experience is recommended to complement the studies. This can be gained by volunteering at a local animal rescue home, a grooming salon or by grooming cats belonging to family and friends.

Cat Grooming & Health

This course is useful for owners, catteries and animal rescue charities. It is relevant for pet care businesses who would like to offer cat grooming as an additional service.

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