Cat Behaviour Certificate Level 2

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Estimated Study Time20 hours
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Unit 1

Origins of the Domestic Cat

The first module of this feline behaviour course explores the origins of the domestic cat including similarities between current species.

This module also examines the purpose of physical & behavioural characteristics of the domestic cat.

Unit 2

Behaviour of the Domestic Cat

Learn how to recognise a variety of behavioural signs demonstrated by the domestic cat including vocalisation, whole body posture and scent marking. Learn about the visual, auditory & olfactory cues to mood & emotion and the reasons for various behaviours including territory, stress, presence of other cats.

This unit also explores the cat-human social relationship & its effects on the domestic cat. Learn about kitten, juvenile and adult cat behaviour with humans, stress factors of living in the human environment, breed differences and rescue cats and their behaviour.

Cat Behaviour Course

The Feline Behaviour Course is all about the domestic cat origins and general behaviours and anatomy that makes what we know as a cat.

This fascinating course explores the behaviour of the domestic cat in respect to their communications including tail, ear, eye, whisker and vocal methods.

The course also explores how the domestic cat relates to humans and vice versa including welfare considerations.

The cat behaviour course includes information about the behaviour of rescue cats and will be of interest to those working with cats in boarding and rescue catteries as well as cat owners.

Cat Behaviour

The subject of cat behaviour is interesting to many, especially those who live with cats and those who work or volunteer with cats. Having a good understanding of the subject of feline behaviour is important for most careers working with cats and for some people, working as a cat behaviourist becomes a naturally progression from working in a cattery.

This Level 2 course is designed to be an introduction to this fascinating subject.

The course is studied from home, with full tutor support. It takes an average of 1 month per module to complete but there is no time pressure.

The Level 3 Certificate course, Dealing with Cat Behaviour Problems is the course that many students progress onto after completing this feline behaviour course.