Career with Cats

Careers with cats: Most jobs working with cats involve working in catteries including at private boarding, quarantine and animal rescue charity catteries. Other jobs include cat sitting (small businesses), cat grooming and cat behaviour roles.

For many jobs with cats, it is crucial to have relevant training as without this, your CV won’t get noticed.

Here are a few of the different careers and jobs working with cats

Under the new Animal Activity Licensing Regulations, as from 1st October 2018, staff working for Boarding Catteries must have must have clear evidence of knowledge & experience or a minimum of an Ofqual regulated Level 2 qualification in a relevant subject. 

Or, to meet the Higher Standard, a member of staff with a relevant Ofqual regulated Level 3 qualification must be present during the working day. Our feline qualifications comply with Animal Activity Licensing Regulations, the Level 2 Award in Feline Care and Behaviour meets Basic Standard requirements and the Level 3 Diploma in Feline Care, Behaviour and Welfare meets Higher Standard requirements. 

Cattery Assistant:

The work of a Cattery Assistant is physically demanding but is a good starting point for careers with cats. It involves a lot of hands-on contact with the animals, and this can be extremely rewarding. This career means having responsibility for the individual needs of the cats in your care. The job could involve some interaction with the public when interviewing prospective owners at a rescue centre or when dealing with cat owners at a boarding cattery. You must be able to interact well with people and have excellent customer care skills.

Cattery Manager:

The Cattery Manager of a boarding establishment has responsibility for customer relations, booking management, advertising, training & recruitment, managing daily routines and ensuring good standards of care & hygiene throughout the cattery. A rescue centre Cattery Manager would also be responsible for similar tasks. In addition, they would be overseeing cat adoptions and managing diverse animal welfare issues. Working as a rescue Cattery Manager is one of the most rewarding careers with cats.

Cat Sitter:

Cat sitting is an excellent career choice if you care passionately about cats and would like to run your own business working from home.The concept of cat sitting is simple. The owners’ cats will stay in their home where they receive individual care from a pet sitter who will visit daily. There is, therefore, the minimum of disruption to the animal’s routine. Some cat sitters set up their own businesses and others take on work from pet sitting businesses. If you enjoy interacting with cats, this could be an excellent way to work from home and earn extra income doing something you enjoy. There are several ways of increasing your earnings and enhancing your business. Some pet sitting companies offer cat grooming and employ veterinary staff. They will ensure that if a client requires a medical service, the cat’s medication or insulin injections will be administered correctly, etc.

Cat Groomer:

Working as a cat groomer can be very rewarding as grooming can prevent and alleviate suffering. You will need to have a love of cats and a good understanding of cat behaviour. You will need to enjoy working with the public and have good communication/customer care skills. The Level 3 Diploma in Cat Grooming and Health is relevant training for this career.

Cat Boarding Business:

Owning and running a boarding cattery can be both rewarding and fulfilling and be one of the more profitable careers with cats. We offer a course specifically for anyone wanting to set up their own Cattery Business. The work is very demanding with a lot of responsibility. This career will probably become a way of life, as it is most likely that you will need to live on site. Purchasing or building a cattery will require a financial investment, so it is worth first giving careful consideration as to what you could reasonably expect as a return from your investment. Thorough research into local competition from other catteries, is very important. It is crucial to ensure that there is adequate demand in the area for cat boarding services. While there will be plenty of rewards in looking after the cats, there is a lot of hard work involved in ensuring that their stay is stimulating and as stress-free as possible. Working in a cattery will involve a lot of walking to check on cats, lifting and bending, handling the cats and carrying out daily cleaning routines.