Run your own dog day care business

Do you love being around dogs? Are you looking for a change of career? Want to have a fun and rewarding job with dogs? Do you want to be your own boss running your own dog related business?

Then consider setting up a Dog Day Care Business! 


Dog Day Care Centres are rapidly gaining popularity as increasingly, dog owners who are out at work all day, want to ensure their dogs are provided with exercise, fun and mental stimulation in order to prevent  behavioural issues caused by boredom.

Whereas in the past, dog owners employed dog walkers during the day, increasingly people are making use of Dog Day Care Centres to provide all day care for their dogs - thereby ensuring they are walked and kept busy all day. Most dogs love being around other dogs and being in a pack is what they know best and what comes naturally to them. Many Dog Day Care Centres report that the dogs have so much fun that most dogs don't actually want to go home at the end of the day! 

A tired dog is a happy dog and after a day at the Dog Day Care centre, dogs go home exhausted!

Running a Dog Day Care Business is an extremely rewarding job for anyone who cares passionately about dogs and enjoys spending time with them. 


Why should I study how to set up a Dog Day Care Business?

Having relevant training such as a dog course is crucial for your own confidence and knowledge about this type of work. In addition, being able to show that you have gained accredited canine courses training provides re-assurance for customers.  Animal Jobs Direct offers an accredited Level 3 Diploma dog course that covers every aspect of Setting up and running a successful Dog Day Care Business.


What skills will I learn?

This dog care course consists of 4 modules; the first canine course module covers information about setting up a dog day care business - you will learn how to create a business plan, how to find appropriate premises, the process of licensing and insurance, budgeting, start up costs, marketing and advertising. 

The second module is all about running a successful Dog Day Care Business. The module explores how to ensure appropriate pricing, the equipment needed, layout and design, day to day operations, staffing, registration and hiring staff.

Module 3 covers Dog Day Care Routines and Services and you will learn how to assess which dogs are right for doggy day care, how to ensure the correct daily routines, play and exercise schedules for each dog and the module also explores the subject of canine behaviour and body language. Through this dog course, you will also learn about the additional services that may be offered by a Dog Day Care Business for example: Dog grooming, transportation to the vets, obedience training, dog walking, etc.

The final module is all about dog health, welfare and canine first aid. Learn all about daily health checks, how to recognise and minimise the risk and spread of disease and infections. This module also includes information about Canine First Aid and dealing with emergencies.

This dog course also includes an optional 1 or 2 week practical placement at a busy custom designed Dog Day Care Centre in Cambridgeshire - a great way to gain hands-on experience and some fantastic ideas about how to run a successful Dog Day Care business!

This is the sort of business that you can set up as a new business or add to an operational dog walking or dog grooming business by expanding into Dog Day Care. Have fun and keep fit playing with and exercising the dogs in your care - a dream job for many!

Please visit the Animal Jobs Direct website for more information.