Animal Care Studies Diploma Level 3

Animal Care Studies Diploma Level 3

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Unit 1

The Animal Body & Nutrition

Unit 1 of this Animal Welfare Course is all about understanding body systems. The subject of nutrition is also explored as a part of how foods are important for various functions in different companion animals.

Unit 2

Animal Disease & Hygiene

Ensuring high standards of hygiene when caring for animals is essential to avoid the spread of disease. This unit explores how best to prevent disease and illness transmission.

Unit 3

Care of Small Animals (Mammals & Birds)

The care of small mammals and birds is the subject of this unit. Learn about the care and welfare (including grooming, environmental enrichment, etc.) of rabbits, degus, mice, jerds, chincillas, gerbils, small birds and guinea pigs.

Unit 4

Companion Animals & Accommodation

Learn about the importance of providing more than adequate accommodation for a variety of companion animals. Animal accommodation is a vital aspect of animal care and, this module explores how to ensure that this is provided in the best interests of the animals living in the accommodation.

Unit 5

Care of the Cat & the Dog

Learn about the care and welfare of canines and felines. This module includes health checks, nutrition, environmental enrichment, exercise and, how to care for and understand older dogs and cats.

Unit 6

Care of the Reptile & Invertebrate

Reptiles are now common companion animals. They require very specific care and, this unit explores the care and welfare requirements of reptiles and invertebrates.

Animal Care Studies

The Animal Welfare course is highly suitable for those who want to follow a career working with companion animals in the animal charity sector.


The Animal Welfare course is relevant for anyone wanting to learn more about how to provide the highest standards of care for a variety of animals kept as pets. The course is highly suitable for working or volunteering in a variety of animal care and welfare roles including animal shelter, veterinary and pet businesses.

Animal Care and Welfare Management 


The course deals with the most popular companion animals including canines, felines, birds, reptiles, small animals and invertebrate. 

Gain a thorough understanding of animal care and welfare, nutrition and the most effective ways of providing environmental enrichment in order to ensure proper expression of behaviour.

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