Wild Animal Behaviour Diploma Level 3

Wild Animal Behaviour Diploma Level 3

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Up to 2 Years


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Unit 1

The Animal at Play

Unit 2

The Learning Process

Unit 3

The Development of Behaviour

Unit 4

Genetics and Behaviour

Unit 5

Seasonal Breeding

Unit 6

Migratory Behaviour (1)

Unit 7

Migratory Behaviour (2)

Unit 8

The Mating Game

Unit 9

Territoriality and Aggression

Unit 10

Communication & Social Behaviour (1)

Unit 11

Communication & Social Behaviour (2)

Unit 12

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Wild Animal Behaviour Course

This 12 unit Animal Behaviour Course explores a wide variety of the behaviour exhibited by animals in the wild and to a certain extent in the domestic environment.


This Level 3 Diploma course has open entry status. Anyone wishing to study the science of animal behaviour can enrol.

Animal Behaviour 

The course examines the animal at play, the learning process, the development of behaviour, genetics and behaviour, migratory behaviour, aggression and communication.

Condor attacking a coyote

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