Advanced Hydrotherapy Treadmill Therapy for Small Animals Level 3

Advanced Hydrotherapy Treadmill Therapy for Small Animals Level 3

Key Information


Ofqual: 603/4563/9

Course Level


Start Date

Arranged with student


1 day​​​​​​​




Oxfordshire or Chepstow  or Aberdeen or Newcastle

Study Mode

Online and 1 day Practical

Ofqual regulated qualification

This qualification meets the Defra Higher Standard Animal Activity Licensing (AAL) requirements

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 "We are really impressed with the additions and style of qualification and are pleased to let you know that we will accept this new qualification as a part of the membership criteria for joining the CHA"


Unit 1

Practical Advanced Aquatic Treadmill Techniques (20 GLH) 

Students will learn practical application of advanced aquatic treadmill techniques to adjust hydrotherapy treatment on a 1:1 basis. Additionally, learn how conduct gait analysis and review patient performance. 

Unit 2

Gait Analysis and Biomechanics (24 GLH)


This unit explores the subject of  gait patterns and relevant terminology, as well as posture and muscle contractions relevant to hydrotherapy treatment. 

minimum student age: 16 years 

Advanced Hydrotherapy Treadmill Therapy Course

This Ofqual regulated qualification consists of 48 Guided Learning Hours and attracts 6 credits at Level 3.
This qualification aims to enable students to develop knowledge of Advanced Aquatic Treadmill Therapy.
The qualification includes the opportunity for learners to develop skills in conducting gait analysis and the application of Advanced Aquatic Treadmill Techniques.
Students will be able to review patient performance and their performance.
Progression Routes: This qualification will enable learners to progress to employment or higher level of study in the animal care sector.

Studying the Advanced Aquatic Hydrotherapy Treadmill Course

The course consists of an online theory unit and 1 day practical Training at Woozelbears in Oxfordshire, Chepstow or Aberdeen. The centre has top of the range equipment including underwater treadmills, large bespoke pools, hydrotherapy spa, the 2nd U.S gait analysis treadmill in the UK and a team of highly qualified personnel. Training at this centre enables students to learn from experienced professionals in the industry while working with a range of cases at different stages of treatment. This is a unique opportunity to have first-hand experience within the industry with a company at the forefront of technology on gait analysis.
There is an increasing number of hydrotherapy treadmills being installed in Hydrotherapy centres. Therefore there are more employment opportunities for Hydrotherapists who have a Treadmill qualification. This course will change how you have been previously trained to use the hydrotherapy treadmill.

Advanced Hydrotherapy Treadmill Entry requirements:

Students will have completed an industry recognised Level 3 Ofqual approved qualification in Small Animal Hydrotherapy (without Aquatic Units). Additionally, students are required to have have completed the Open College Network West Midlands Level 3 Award in Aquatic Treadmill Therapy for Small Animals.

Learn how to conduct an advanced treadmill therapy session involving the appropriate use of equipment to improve the hydrotherapy programme for the patient.

Theory knowledge is provided as one unit of online study before attending the practical training day.

Study the operation of the hydrotherapy treadmill and how to maximise patient performance and treatment outcomes. Learn about in-depth gait analysis to give them the knowledge to apply the advanced techniques. Gain an understanding about additional equipment that can be used to optimise patient movement and learn which and when to apply. The student will assess patients through observation, evaluating their performance and developing their decision-making skills when providing treatment. 

Please note it is essential that before completing this unit, learners complete all the mandatory units in this qualification. Students undertaking this unit will require significant knowledge of the operation of a hydrotherapy treadmill and should have previously completed the Level 3 Award in Aquatic Treadmill Therapy for Small Animals. 

The minimum age for access to this qualification is 16 years of age.