Dog Training Course – Live Webinar

2 Day Dog Trainer Course

19th September 2020  at 12pm BST

Key Information

Key Information

Webinar Date:

19th September 2020 12PM BST

Webinar Fees


This course donates £10 to charity.

Times are tough at the moment for animal charities; many are experiencing a sharp decline in donations and animal adoptions and are under increasing pressure to survive these difficult times. We are doing all we can to support them with raising awareness and raising funds and are pleased to announce that we will be donating 50% of the fees from all our Dog Training Course Webinars. Simply enrol on to any of these three webinars, complete your purchase and £10 will be contributed on your behalf.



1.5 hours intensive training


Through this webinar using a combination of images, videos and live feeds, we explore various behaviours, training cues and how to troubleshoot the most frequently reported problems.

Canine behaviour and dog training fields are still relatively new and as yet, no licensing requirements have been developed.

Unfortunately, this means that virtually anyone can set themselves up as a practising behaviourist and have no qualifications whatsoever.  

It also leaves the way open for practitioners to use unethical, dangerous and detrimental methods when working with dogs.

Adhering to professional ethics is entirely voluntary but it should be viewed as essential.

We need to remember that the dogs we work with are very much like children: they are a vulnerable party and cannot offer consent.  

We must ensure that the dog’s welfare is our priority at all times, especially when there is a conflict of interest, in the same way that a child’s welfare is a priority when working with children.

 Online Live   -   Dog Training Webinar


Dog training has moved on a great deal in recent years and thankfully we no longer teach “obedience” to our dogs or strive to “control” them.


Instead, we teach life skills such as impulse control, force-free handling, calm and connection.


At Animal Courses Direct we only use force-free ethical methods to solve unwanted behaviours - we do not use compulsion or intimidation to train dogs.



Dog Training Webinar

Suitable for those working or volunteering with dogs as well as dog owners wanting to learn more about dog behaviour and training! This webinar includes an opportunity for questions and answers and discussion and explores:

  • how dogs learn
  • clicker training
  • observation before interpretation - body language
  • what to use and when – operant and classical conditoning
  • principles of canine behaviour

More about this Live Webinar


Anyone working with dogs should have a sound understanding of canine body language and signals, how to avoid causing and how to reduce stress, how to avoid dog bites or increasing aggression, a sound understanding of reward-based training. 

“Tell me………and I forget
Teach me………and I may remember
Involve me……..and I learn”

With this in mind, we are excited to announce our live webinar, providing a fabulous opportunity to learn about

·        how dogs learn
·        clicker training
·        observation before interpretation - body language
.        what to use and when – operant and classical conditoning
·        principles of canine behaviour