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Remainder of £770 to be paid 1 month before attending the project

Marine Science Practical Course Menorca

Marine Science Practical in the Balearic Basin Region

The Balearic Basin region accommodates a wide variety of underwater and bird species. During this expedition, students will learn about these fascinating animals and will possibly spot them! You may encounter bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, sperm whales, cormorants, sea turtles and Risso’s dolphins, among others!

Get involved tagging Carretta carretta, the loggerhead sea turtle and participate on the lookout for beautiful Balearic shearwaters and other amazing sea birds. As from this summer, this project will also be performing manta trawls, measuring the amount of micro-plastic particles in the sea. 

This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to collect scientific data, identify various species and sail a classic ship!  Enjoy delicious and sustainable meals and make a difference to marine conservation;  data collected contributes to the management of the marine protected areas explored on this expedition.

Monitor the presences and behaviour of species such as Risso's dolphins, bottlenose and common dolphins, fin whales, pilot whales, sperm whales, Balearic shearwaters, Adouin gulls, loggerhead sea turtles, swordfish, bluefin tuna, manta rays etc. 

Marine Science Practical Course Menorca


Gain hands-on experience on this marine practical expedition working with marine life and observing the behaviour of the many different species in this region.  


Marine scientists are involved with each expedition to teach participants about species identification and behaviour, along with conservation techniques and tactics that have been in use for the past 30 years. Students can obtain ECTS university credits on-board.


As a conservation ship, this project focuses on sustainability, reducing plastic consumption and using locally sourced organic products for meals.


Lookout for human activity such as fishing and recreational sports (not usually allowed in the marine reserve). Capture and non-invasively tag loggerhead turtles so that movements can be monitored online. This is a collaboration with SOCIB, the local oceanographic institute. 
Participate in photo-identification to catalogue the populations of Risso's dolphins -  this is a great opportunity to practice wildlife photography skills!

This unique project also collects plastic from the sea and displays this at port as part of their community outreach. A 5 Gyres manta trawl is used to take daily samples of surface water and the contents are analysed on board. This research ship has a hydrophone that is  used to listen to whales and dolphins from a distance and increase chance of encounter.


To increase career and job opportunities for students, we include a choice of any accredited Level 3 Diploma in Marine Animal Rescue/Zoology/Biology/Conservation/Ichthyology as part of this practical placement! 

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Marine Science Practical Cost and what's included

What does this Marine Science Practical Course include?

What's included


* Full board and a week of sailing
* All meals
* An Accredited Levl 3 Diploma in Marine Animal Rescue/Conservation/Zoology/Biology/ Ichthyology

*Great experiential training on this marine science practical course

Not included


International and internal airfares
Visa application/fees
Insurance and luxuries



Placement Fee:  £1,669 for 1 week placement and a Level 3 Marine Diploma course of your choice. Remainder payment of £770 to be paid 1 month before attending the practical training.


Deposit Payment: £899

Animal Courses Direct accepts no liability or responsibility for practical placements advertised on our website; placements are carried out entirely at the user's own risk and students are required to sign our waiver form and obtain their own travel insurance. Where a deposit is requested, this is non refundable. Students are required to pay course fees in full prior to attending the practical placement. Practical placement dates may change and are subject to availability, please see our T&Cs. 

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Placement & Course Fees 

for 1 week




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